Discounted Chocolates for All

October 9, 2013

Today I saw a kid sitting on a porch & indulging himself in a chocolate. The chocolate was melted & it went all over his hands, face & little of it all fell on his t-shirt. He was licking his fingers & enjoying the delicious yummy chocolate. I still remember those days of my childhood when I fought over chocolates gifted to my brother. My mom always made sure to divide it into two.... Read More

The World of Soccer

July 5, 2013

Soccer, also known as football, is widely considered the most popular sport in the world; the majority of countries participate in this athletic game and there are strong fan bases that are dedicated to supporting their favorite teams. The sport of kicking around a ball and trying to make it into a goal has been around for centuries, and eventually it had universal rules put into place so th... Read More

Wear Your Teams Jersey With Pride

June 15, 2013

There is an alternative religion in town, and everyone is going over the edge about it! Be it football, baseball, cricket or the NBA series, a lot of people have converted the adoration for their favorite sports team into some sort of religion. There is no better way to show their love than being in their favorite team’s gear. Bandanas, wallets, jerseys, caps, sneakers and gloves are all a ... Read More

Finding Right Pair of Sport Shoes

April 29, 2013

When indulging in any sporting activity, it is true that not everyone gives as much thought to their sports shoes as to other similar sports accessories which one requires. While shoes do provide a functional purpose in everyday life for one, if you're an athlete, it is more than possible that the normal shoe does not suffice for such wear and tear as an athlete endures. Similarly, whether... Read More


Play Games & Remain Fit Forever

April 9, 2013

Be indoor or outdoor, one of the passion that people have is ‘Sports’. Sport just doesn’t include the factors of fun and entertainment but brings in a much more disciplined approach in life. Work-out through sports keeps people in age active and healthy.  Maintaining sound health for long is the reason that children are encouraged by parents and teacher s alike to partici... Read More